Welcome to my official web site, which includes pictures and information about my exotic birthplace, my family and my teen-age years on the Broadway stage. There is also a section on my movie career at MGM, Fox, Universal, Goldwin, etc. opposite many of the most glamorous stars in Hollywood. And, of course, I’ll tell you about my television career during the Golden Age of TV in New York City to the present day here in Hollywood. I’ll also let you in on a never before divulged secret about my recording career at RCA Victor and how I helped Elvis Presley.

    My favorite sections, however, deal with the magical life I shared with my dear sister, Audrey, (best known as Alice Kramden on the "Honeymooners") and last but not least the exciting life I led with "the most talented man in America", as Sir Noel Coward once called my darling husband, Steve Allen.

    I hope you enjoy your journey through my life and will visit me here often. My family always enjoys hearing from my friends and fans, so feel free to email us anytime at Jayne@JayneMeadows.com

   Now, before you explore the rest of my site, why don't you try your hand at a little trivia game inspired by my years on television's original prime-time game show phenomenon.. "I've Got A Secret!"
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