"Your Show of Shows" (NBC – 1953) Sid Caesar starred.

"Arthur Godfrey Show" (CBS – 1954)

"Jackie Gleason Show" (CBS – 1954)

"Tonight" show (NBC 1953-1956) Original – created by the star, Steve Allen

"Dorsey Brothers" show (NBC – 1955) Tommy and Jimmy starred, Elvis Presley was boy singer

"Arthur Murray Show" (NBC – 1958 and 1959)

"Red Skelton" (CBS 1954-1965) numerous appearances

"Steve Allen Shows" (1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's) numerous appearances

"Milton Berle Show" (ABC – 1965) several appearances

"Hollywood Palace" (ABC – 1968-69) several shows.   Jayne introduced rock dancing in Las Vegas and both danced and sang "Hello Dolly" in her first language – Chinese.