"Undercurrent" (MGM-1946)

Katharine Hepburn and Jayne Meadows

(MGM-1946) directed by Vincent Minelli and starring Katherine Hepburn, Robert Taylor, and Robert Mitchum, featured Jayne in her first film while under contract to MGM.

When the great George Cukor, who had directed Jayne’s screen-test, asked Hepburn how his little protégé was doing, Kate replied, "Considering I’m old enough to be her mother and she’s playing my rival, I think she’s a genius."

Jayne received rave reviews on her performance. The picture is still seen regularly on movie channels.

The MGM makeup department warned Jayne not to smile too widely since she would "look like a set of piano keys "due to her unusually white teeth. Hepburn answered, "Pooh, they told me when I smiled I looked like a horse but I’ve made it pay for years."